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AW20 styling coming soon

Our AW20 collection is characterized by our Nordic roots. We embrace the simplicity of powerful basics with a female touch. Our colours are earthy and cosy to warm up the winter. We combine paper, fabrics and metals embracing fall and winter as the seasons of sensory overload.

New to our brand is ACCESSORIES by DELIGHT DEPARTMENT. Our Nordic signature is visible in our accessories making this new category a joyful addition to our lifestyle brand.

Whether styling a party, your home interior or accessorizing your outfit our products are always of the highest standard and designed for Easy and Joyful usage.

Our website is an inspirational b2b portal with easy and efficient flow for shop owners and buyers around the globe. Our portal offers 24/7 ordering service and a link to photography which we gladly share for social media, websites and print without any restrictions. Easy and Joyful.