Shopping bag

Easy and joyful styling

Our AW19 collection is introduced alongside a logo refreshment and a brand new website. The transformation of our logo has been done for a better match with who we are and what we do. So it’s not a rebranding but more a simplifying lift to what was already present. It’s an update in colour and message blending our Nordic roots with a feminine signature. Easy and Joyful.

Our website is an inspirational shopping experience with easy and efficient handling for shop owners and buyers around the globe. It’s all about practical functions that simplify a B2B shopper’s work. Our portal offers 24/7 ordering service and a link to photography which we gladly share without any restrictions. Easy and Joyful.

Our AW19 collection is a Nordic combination of paper, fabrics and metals embracing fall and winter as the seasons of sensory overload. Products and packaging have been evaluated and reviewed resulting in high quality styling objects that one can keep and use again. Whether for a party or as an interior eye-catcher. We have designed packaging that is rather an extended part of the product within than a practical communicative wrapper. By doing so we emphasise our products quality and our goal to endorse long-term use. Easy and Joyful.